Singing Course

Discover the Genius of Your Voice - Singing Technique Course:
Discover how your voice really works
Explore the freedom of balanced singing
Gain skills to reach your potential

This is a thorough singing technique course designed to teach you to sing better - to sound & feel better when you wing. It is for adults of all abilities & levels of experience.
Extend your vocal range
Develop agility, strength & control
Deal with nerves & tension
Increase your volume & projection
Improve your pitching & tuning
Gain a better tone & overall sound
Develop your vocal expression
Learn how to make a song yours
Discover how your voice works
Find out how to take care of your voice
Explore how to sound at your best
And more...

The Singing Course sessions are now held on a more flexible basis. Each of the five 1hr45min course sessions (including the first session - which acts as a stand alone workshop) can be booked & attended when the student is ready. There is no obligation to book subsequent sessions, but the course sessions must be taken in order. There are also additional optional workshops which complement and help with other specific areas of your learning (Pitching & Ear Training. Rhythm & Timing. Harmony & Theory. Performance & Microphone Techniques. Improvisation).

This isn’t a music theory, ear-training, harmony or songwriting course (although some elements of these will be taught within the course) these are taught in optional add of sessions which you might be recommended to attend or choose to attend). This course is not genre/style specific (although we do look at aspects of singing technique re genres/styles) nor based on songs as the material (though you will sing songs of your choosing to work on in order to develop your singing). Your voice is the material being worked on & my job is to get you singing at your best whatever you sing. Come with what ever style(s) you sing.

There are no musical or academic requirements in order to go on the course, but a good level of spoken and aural English will be necessary in order to understand the teaching & materials

Text Books & Vocal Exercise CDs are available that accompany the Singing Course - providing additional materials, activities, tasks & exercises to increase your progress

BONUS: Once you have completed the Singing Course a lifetime discount rate is available to you for Soul Choir or/and Singing for Health & Wellbeing

Session 1: Discover the Genius of Your Voice Vocal Workshop
A necessary introduction to your true vocal potential
This first session will change how you think about your voice & how it works. You will discover how to free it to sound & feel better when you sing. Posture, Positioning, Breathing, Resonance, Placement, Warming up, Hearing, Pitching, How your voice works, Principles of singing, Care & Maintenance. A Quick Start Guide to Using Your Voice is included

Sessions 2-5 will take you further into fully discovering your potential, building upon the foundation laid in the first session. It is recommended that you allow yourself at least 2 weeks between each session in order to put things into practice ready for the next session. It is recommended that you purchase the course text books & vocal exercise CDs & go through them before attending a subsequent session in order to benefit from each session as much as possible. A certificate of completion is given upon finishing the Course

If you would like to host a singing course in your church/community centre/home/workplace, please enquire
It is your responsibility to read the Terms & Conditions before booking. By making a booking or by attending an activity you agree to these Terms & Conditions

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